we are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. that is our great glory, and our great tragedy.

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i like brand new and asoiaf.
i cry about theon greyjoy a lot.

SANSA APPRECIATION WEEK: favourite relationship → Sansa and The Hound

"Sharp steel and strong arms rule this world, don’t ever believe any different."

I’m not well suited for imprisonment. Shocking, I know. Some men are. Ned Stark; I imagine he made an excellent prisoner right up until the end. But me, though - my life has left me uniquely unfit for constraint.


Sansa Stark Appreciation Week // Day 3: Favorite Season/Book

"A Clash of Kings"

Request by s-iest-a // Beth Greene being a cutie.

You look like a winter night. I could sleep inside the cold of you.

— Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless (via ricktimus)

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 I am blood of the dragon, she told herself. I am Daenerys Stormborn, Princess of Dragonstone, of the blood and seed of Aegon the Conqueror.

You Westerosi are all the same. You sew some beast upon a scrap of silk, and suddenly you are all lions or dragons or eagles.


tip: failing a class? demand trial by combat

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if there is one thing i will NEVER forgive the hp movies for doing is when in the sectumsempra scene, in the book harry is literally on the verge of tears with guilt and shock and drops to his knees next to draco and hes like trying to cough out some sort of reasoning

and in the movies hes just like :) 

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game of thrones challenge: [1/9] characters - theon greyjoy
I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.”  Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

I’ll kill them all. Every one of them.